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IL. Concealed Carry Pocket Reference Guide

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An all inclusive durable pocket guide produced exclusively by Ethos Tactical instructors. We used our experienced understanding of the Illinois Concealed Carry law (430 ILCS 66), other relevant Illinois law, police interaction, out of state acceptance, and marksmanship fundamentals to compile an easy to read quick reference guide designed to provide easy access answers to the most relevant material for the Illinois Concealed Carry Permit holder. This guide was produced on water resistent, UV protected paper in a small 4.25 X 5 inch spiral notebook to give permit holders an easy to use reference at an affordable price.

Due to the extensive list of excluded locations, we listed each prohibited place and its relevant information in the guide for a quick reminder. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Don’t get yourself in a criminal or civil jam because you couldn’t remember where you could legally carry. Our guide is a one of a kind pocket guide, which can provide an easy resource for information long after you’ve completed your training.

For the small cost of this resource, no Illinois Concealed Carry Permit Holder should be without one.


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